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Treasure hunting

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21 Maart 2010 | Nederland, Leiden

Friday (03/19) after a good night sleep I had to go with Lianne to the old town of Alkmaar, such a very beautiful city with some historic points. I was surprised to hear Alkmaar was about 750 years old. And also there was a restaurant where we were served by disabled people. I was really happy to see them work!
The day after we also visited a cheese weighing centre. It was a really very nice town. It was relatively calm. So we had to hurry back home to prepare my journey to Leiden. So back at home I had a picture with Lianne and her husband.He was a nice man too! But busy. I wish them a very good relation.
So I arrived in Leiden. That was arond 12.45 and already Anandi, who I was really longing and loving to see, was already waiting at the train station. She lives really very close to the trainstation. On reaching the house, I was also priviliged to see a 1 hour visitor to Bolga, that was the husband of Anandi, Robbert. It was really very nice seeing them after two years. Shortly after we had to go for a wedding. One of the things I was also looking out to see. It was a nice couple. They were already together for 20 years with 2 kids, they were now marying. It was a great moment, with a lot of friends. We had some drink and I also visited the Burcht, unfortunately it was closed for renovation work. An interesting thing was also for me Robberts old bike...It really prooved it was an old bike, so I also told him I am also an old one (:-)). It was an interesting experience!
We later had to go back home for Anandi to go shopping for dinner. This was my first time seeing a very wonderfull dinner, gourmetten, where you had to prepare your own food, mix your own vegetables! We also had a variety of meet to choose. And it was also interesting we had the neighbours visiting us, Loes, Geert en Koen. I was imagining how the dinner was going to look like. It started really very cool, but as it ruled by it became more interesting. But I enjoyed the food very much! Thereafter we talked about culture differences and there was also a party (after the wedding), which we were invited to. But unfortunately myself and Anandi were too tired. And we felt it was OK to stay at the house. But we still had our representative, Robbert.
I had a very nice room, with a very nice bed. For the first time I slept on that type of bed, filled with air. I enjoyed it.
So the next morning (saterday 03/20), after breakfast, we were now thinking of where to go, what to do, what the plans were. So we decided we just walk around in the city to see. I like that idea! So later Anandi was checking my journal ( and there was a message on my site about a volunteer called Loes. She was one of the treasures I was looking for, but I kept this to myself; the reason was that she was the FIRST volunteer I guided. That was more a test for me at that time to see if I could fit in Meet Africa's program. I think I did my best. Loes called Anandi on the phone and we met eachother in the city. I was really happy to see her. We had some snack and later we walked through a local market. And that was quite a busy one! We did shopping and Loes invited us to lunch. She lives very close to the local market. Thereafter we went to her home. There I found her twin sister, Laurie, who's name was given to a cousin when Loes was in Ghana. And currently that is the name that my cousin still uses. So I was happy to see her, they were both studying. It was a nice moment with quite a lot of reflections!
It was time to say goodbye. Time as we all know, is an enemy. So we had to go home, so we could have dinner.
We watched some TV (cycling race) and thereafter we went for dinner. The food was Surinam food, very close to jolof rice. I enjoyed it. There was enough food for me! After I had to go to bed early to rest.

  • 21 Maart 2010 - 08:38

    Ibrahim Salifu:

    Unforunately Anandi was not able to put the pictures on yet. Ibrahim will try to that with Michiel and Etje

  • 21 Maart 2010 - 21:33


    Added some pictures to the story of today. Nice to meet Ibrahim again!

  • 22 Maart 2010 - 09:56


    Dear Ibrahim! It was wonderful to see you in real person again, after four years...what a coincidence/ miracle that we could meet in the city that I call home! Anandi, thanks for that!!! It is always good to hear that Meet Africa in Bolga has grown (due to your great enthusiasm and spirit). Being the first, I never questioned your capabilities! In the future I hope to visit you in your farm and experience the great work you have done in your community (hopefully the police will not disturb us this time)! I hope to see you again before you leave, but for now I wish you all the best in all you are going to see and experience. Take good care!

    Greetings from Leiden,

    Loes and Laurie (who couldn't stop smiling about the fact that there is another Laurie in Ghana, she was honoured!)

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