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Just some belongings

Door: ibrahiminnederland

Blijf op de hoogte en volg Ibrahim

01 Maart 2010 | Nederland, Schiphol

After a nice flight from Accra (without sleeping....), Ibrahim appeared at the arrivals-hall, one hour after landing on Schiphol, welcomed by a large group of Meet-Holland-members, despite of the very early time of the day.
A hearty welcome, some tasty bread and drinks, and after that fitting the sweaters that were bring along. Terrible cold, here in Holland!
Ibrahim carried a very luxury suitcase (by Ghanaian standards). "What is in your suitcase?" "Just some belongings", but as a surprise also friendship-bracelets for everyone!
Sightseeing the underground railway-station in a few minutes, and then everyone had to leave.
Ibrahim will stay at Nienke in Hilversum during the first week.
Missed this happening? Look at the photo-album!


  • 01 Maart 2010 - 15:41

    Joyce En Leroy:

    It was so great to see you again Ibrahim! We are very happy you´re in Holland! Welcome and enjoy you stay! With love Leroy and Joyce

  • 01 Maart 2010 - 16:12

    Maria De Priester:

    I'm the mother of Leroy.
    Welcome to Holland en enjoy your stay. I hope to nsee you soon.
    Greetings Maria and Leo.

  • 01 Maart 2010 - 17:59


    Hi Ibrahim!
    Couldn't make it this morning. But very nice to see all these happy faces at the airport! Must be helpfull dealing with the cold. Take care and see you soon!

    Big hug,

  • 01 Maart 2010 - 20:09


    Zaare, Ibrahim! So happy you're here!

  • 02 Maart 2010 - 09:53


    Dear all,

    It was indeed really great to be able to hug Ibrahim and to see all former volunteers who came out of their bed in the middle of the night to welcome our special guest! Would it be an idea to write all experiences in english, so we could print it out for Ibrahim to take home when he will go back to Ghana??
    Greeting and enjoy! Lianne

  • 02 Maart 2010 - 11:28


    Finally we can incorporate all texts in the photo-album.

  • 02 Maart 2010 - 17:10


    Dear Ibrahim, welcome to Holland! we are looking forward to your stay with us in Zwolle. Are you getting used to the cold a little allready?
    Have a nice time and see you on friday, best wishes, Etje

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Verslag uit: Nederland, Schiphol

My trip to The Netherlands

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