Laurie from Ghana greets Laurie in Holland - Reisverslag uit Bovenkarspel, Nederland van Ibrahim Salifu - Laurie from Ghana greets Laurie in Holland - Reisverslag uit Bovenkarspel, Nederland van Ibrahim Salifu -

Laurie from Ghana greets Laurie in Holland

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Blijf op de hoogte en volg Ibrahim

31 Maart 2010 | Nederland, Bovenkarspel

This small girl is from Ghana, she lives in the village called Bongo. She was only nine days old when a volunteer called Loes, was asked by the chief of Bongo, to gave her a name. The name Laurie was given to her on that day. It is the name of the volunteer's twin-sister Laurie.
Laurie from Bongo is now four years old and she is a happy, healthy and littly bit naughty girl. Like you see in this picture that was made in January 2010 during the fire festival in Bongo.

  • 01 April 2010 - 18:02


    Dear Ibrahim,

    Muhutaru has got his visa for Holland today. He will arrive at 30 April. Can we meet with you that day? Do you fly back on May 1st?

    Greetings Mathilde

  • 02 April 2010 - 13:22


    Ibrahim!!!! I can't believe you are actually in Holland!!!

    I got a message from Agadwine Cabral last night (from the breakfast cafe next 2 the office in Bolga) telling me that you are here!!!

    I contacted Lianne immediately and she told me about this weblog and gave me your phonenumber!

    I just spend the last hour reading all your stories and it is great for a change to see what it's like for a ghanaian to visit holland instead of the other way around.

    I heard that you will be very busy the coming month, but I'd love 2 see you one of these days.

    I'll be calling you soon!

    Your friend

    Tomtom (Tom Tielens)

  • 02 April 2010 - 13:23


    Oh and by the way: Laurie looks great! I can't believe my little niece has grown up SO much!

  • 03 April 2010 - 16:00


    Hello everybody, I'm doing fine. Again I did some small work today with Mariette's parents and I liked it. So don't worry.

    Mathilde, I leave on the 1st of May. It would be nice to meet.

    Tomtom, nice to hear from you. Just give me a call. I'm in Utrecht now.

  • 05 April 2010 - 18:48

    Loes En Laurie:

    She is beautiful!!! The sparkle in her eyes, a big smile...The naughty character might be 'in the name'?!!

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