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The journey continues

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10 Maart 2010 | Nederland, Zwolle

Still on the faithful sunday evening we had to drive with the whole family to a pancakerestaurant in a ship in Meppel. I had a close vision on a windmill and then to my surprise there was a ship that also was a restaurant. It was my first time on a ship. It was very warm and nice inside, and also with quite a lot of people. It was the first time I had a pancake in Holland, with tunafish en vegetables, it was really very delicious. I really enjoyed the food, it was very tasty.
After the meal I had a Punky, an icecream with candy, also very nice to try. I had the opportunity to walk inside the ship and this was super. We had to drive home after a very good meal.
Monday (03/08): quite an interesting day to start with: the beginning of the week. There was snow in the morning first time I had seen snow. Very nice to walk in the snow with Dad and Boike. I walked on the snow for the first time, with a strange sound from my shoes. A very cool morning, but interesting to walk around. We also visited a buildingsite where they build appartments. Really interesting to see how homes were been build. Very large concrete panels put together with all measurements of doors and windows. There was a very big crane to lift the panels and to put them in place, with just a very few workers. The work was very effective. Everyone concentrating on what he was doing.
Comparing it to Ghana it is really much difference. Good to see the workers, they were very friendly.
We had to go home again, a short walk, had a cup of tea. Outside temperature was -3 degrees. I was so happy I could handle this.
In the afternoon Mom and I went to a beekeeper. This was an interesting moment for me. He was a very nice beefarmer and welcomed us very warmly. He had a very big dog, I was afraid to come out of the car. But he could talk to the dog, and he listened, so he showed us his workplace, very interesting to see the products he had from the bees, candy's from honey, candles, some wine, soup! I least expected so much products from honey. We had a nice talk with him and one of the biggest problems was solved: how to get the bees into the beehives. We got some products from him to put in the beehives so that we could save the bees from working on their combs. I was so happy that Mom payed that for me. After a while we had to say goodbye, but he was still looking forward meeting again. Nice man!
In the evening I visited the singing group where Mom and Dad were rehearsing. It was nice to see them rehearse and to hear nice songs, though in Dutch. I wish I could join the group during my stay in Holland.
Tuesday (03/09): we went to the dentist in Hattem, how well equipped and beautiful the place was. Also the doctor-customer-relation was really very very good. This we really miss in Ghana. The nurses were all very friendly, and you could ask any question, and they help you. I didn't like the dentist to check my own teeth, because I was afraid of the sharp instruments. The chair was nice, like a place for a queen (but Mom didn't feel like a queen). Afterwards we had to drive in the neighbourhood to see some of the old buildings, also a church (build in 1690), a bicycleshop, and now I understand why the volunteers in Ghana want to have a bike with a high steer. And I wondered about the big amount of stones needed for making a street. Then we moved along and saw a chocolateshop, with so many kinds of shapes and eggs. It was nice to see and we also visited a coffeeshop and a cheeseshop. I tasted very old cheese that was offered to me, this was super.
Then we went to Kampen, we drove through and I saw the Golden Bridge, and a long stretch of farms, and a lot of water. And we saw some boats where you can live in like a house. On the way back to Zwolle we passed Stadshagen, a part of the city with many newbuild houses, and wondered about the big machines that were rearranging big amounts of sand.
The sun was shining, and I sat in the sun without a coat, interesting to combine sun and cold (3 degrees).
In the afternoon we went to an optical shop; in the shop the optician welcomed us, she gave me a place to sit and she gave me very nice and beautiful glasses to wear for reading. This was more fun! She changed different glasses to find out what was the best. And I also had to look through a machine, and then it was easy for her to measure how far I could see. This was completely different in Ghana. It was easy to get the results very quick. It was interesting to talk to the optician. She offered us tea, it was nice to say goodbye and I have to come back and get the glasses in a few days. Afterwards we went to the Gamma, a shop with many different types of tools, wood and so on, we call it a hardwareshop. It took us almost an hour to walk through the whole shop. I saw a variety of screwdrivers, screws, torchlights, different types of lights, a whole lot. I couldn't imagine this.
In the evening we took dinner and quickly had to go for sports, my first time to play hockey in a wheelchair. Though a hockeyplayer, it was difficult because of the wheelchair, but I still managed and scored two goals!! It was very nice to talk with the teamplayers and once again I was invited to come back another time again. I also got the opportunity to walk through the whole rehabilitation centre. It was really nice to see the facilities that were in that place for the disabled.
After we came back home, Welmoed was here, she is the first child of Mom and Dad. It was nice meeting her for the first time. Also surprisingly there was a present from her which I didn't expect: a chocolate easterbunny carrying an egg. So I was really very happy to be on it this way, in this family. We had a nice talk, once again I went to bed at 23:30 !
A lot of changes happening!
Wednesday (03/10): I went with Johan to his old school, for a few minutes walkaround to see the school. It was a big school, with many facilities.
For me it was also interesting for me to hear that it was the only school in Zwolle that teaches the old languages Greek and Latin. It was a very beautiful school. Then we tried a bus for the first time in Holland. It was really nice to sit in the bus, it drove around the communities. Then we went back home.
We also decided to walk in the outskirts to see maybe some nature. We went to Ben and Mia, the neighbours of Mom and Dad, I was surprised that they had a lot of information about me! This was a big surprise I also had in Zwolle.
After 45 minutes we went back home, Johan had to go to school and I had to take a two hours rest. Then I came down for dinner.
I looked at the television, the Newsprogram at 8 o'clock.

  • 10 Maart 2010 - 20:42


    Hahaha, very nice story Ibrahim =) .

    We're having such a great time with you, really cool you're finally in Holland now!

    Greetings from Amstelveen,


  • 10 Maart 2010 - 22:56


    Hey, lots of people are interested in your stories: by now more than 4.000 pageviews !!

  • 11 Maart 2010 - 16:44


    Wow, what a great adventure Ibrahim! I'm impressed, the way you handle everything. You're a wonderful man!

  • 12 Maart 2010 - 10:41


    He Ibrahim,

    I just got your blog from Lianne. Its great to hear your stories!!! I laughed so hard when I saw you in that beekeeping suit. You are doing interesting things over there. But am happy that you are enjoying. Take care! And a lot of sunny greetings from Bolga (believe me, you should be happy to be there, its now too hot!!!)

    Anke (ayinbissa ;) )

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